Mold Damage

Natural Disaster


If you have experienced excess water, you could be entitled to more than what your insurance company offered.
after mold damage

With many different sources of condensation in your home, from a leaky roof to a ruptured water heater, mold can be an unwanted intruder. Mold can grow in an environment with excess moisture and a favorable temperature. Even though mold is seen, it may not be apparent in the damages it causes.

Natural Disaster
Sinking Into
Found both inside and outside, mold can be swept through doorways, transferred by shoes or simply created from leaking pipes. Many building materials inside your home or business provide suitable nutrients for mold growth. When mold spores land on places with excess moisture, it can cause structural damage by decomposing wood, drywall, carpeting, and other organic building materials. Left untreated, certain types of mold can be a health hazard to those living and working there by producing allergens and toxic substances.

When Paladin Goes to Bat for You

Paladin surveys the mold damage to your home or business by searching all areas of the property. From inside cabinets to up in the attic, Paladin carefully searches every nook and cranny to ensure thorough documentation of your losses. The damage may not be directly at the source of water, but rather where the condensation is.

To get your home or business back on its feet, Paladin will help you work with a reputable mold damage restoration company to accurately and adequately inspect the structural integrity of your property.

As experts in mold damage insurance claims in Valparaiso and Northwest Indiana, along with Illinois and Michigan, Paladin Insurance Advocates will fight for what you deserve from your insurance company so you can focus on what’s really important.

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"As artists, my husband and I were overwhelmed by the challenge of our disaster. Not only were we the victims of an arsonist and saw our large garage destroyed, but we lost a major part of our life's work, our paintings.

Paladin saved the day! They helped us to complete the inventory and to navigate the relationship with our insurance to finally achieve the best possible outcome. We are so grateful that we had their assistance! We could not have done it alone."
Carole Stodder & Tom Brand
"After our huge barn fire, Shawn fought very hard with the insurance company; it was a long road. The inventory was the worst part of all trying to remember how many hammers, screwdrivers, etc. you had...very overwhelming. But his staff was there to help us through, answer all questions, many phone calls, many visits.

I would recommend very highly Shawn Blank to anyone who has a need to deal with insurance companies. He can get you what you paid into the insurance company that otherwise you would never get if you were to tackle it on your own.

So if life throws you a lemon, hire Shawn Blank, Paladin Insurance Advocates; he will make sure you get a healthy pitcher of lemonade!"
Ralph & Susan Droz
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"After living in a hotel room with by family of four, including two small children, and receiving an offer significantly lower than the estimated cost to repair my home, I knew I was out of my league.

Shawn immediately let me know what my rights were and what I was entitled to per my policy. Within two days my family and I were moved into a home comparable to our own, and Shawn and his team were fast to work to get my house put back together.

The Paladin Insurance Advocates team is very responsive with great communication and knowledge. They went above and beyond my expectations. I truly believe if it was not for Shawn and his team I would be in debt and by family would be living in an unsafe home."
Kyle Duffee
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"Between the board up company, cleaning company and the restoration company trying to get us to sign a contract with them literally within minutes of our house burning down, it's all very overwhelming.

Without a doubt we would absolutely recommend Paladin. Shawn and his staff will absolutely fight for everything you believe you deserve. The one thing that I personally noticed with Shawn and his staff was their commitment to us and how they kept us in the loop. Their communication was second to none. If we emailed, called or texted, we would always get a response if not immediately then sometime within the day.

YES, we would absolutely recommend Paladin! Thank you so much Shawn, Patti and Jessica."
Mike Torres & Liz McNulty
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"Mold had formed in our home after storm damage and was affecting our son's health. We had made a claim with our insurance company and it was being ignored by them even though we had coverage for it in our policy.

We hired Shawn after he explained what he did and he was able to get us four times what the insurance company had offered me and my home was repaired and our son's health restored. I honestly don't know where we would be if Shawn hadn't crossed our path. I never knew that something out there existed to help people make sure they are taken care of and not victims of corporate greed."
Vinnie & Jeannie Nowarita
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Let Paladin Go to Bat for You

If you’re concerned that your insurance company will not make you a reasonable settlement offer, Paladin Insurance Advocates will fight for your rights when you file a mold damage insurance claim.