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Illinois is vulnerable to severe storms, tornadoes, and brutal winters. We’re determined to get you what you deserve, whether you have a devastating house fire in Chicago, or your home is completely destroyed from flooding in Naperville.

Public Adjuster Illinois

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When disaster strikes it’s hard not to feel disoriented and discouraged. On top of that, having to fight with an insurance company to recover what you’ve lost is burdensome. As a licensed public adjuster in Illinois, individuals or businesses can hire Paladin to do the hard work for them. Paladin will look out for the best interests of the insured policyholders throughout the claims process. From compiling initial documentation to final reconstruction, Paladin’s experienced public adjusters are your Insurance Advocates.

Get Insurance Claim Help With:

public adjuster and Illinois fire

Fire Damage

public adjuster fighting water damage in Illinois

Water Damage

wind damage

Wind Damage

Illinois public adjuster helping storm damage

Storm Damage

mold damage

Mold Damage

tornado damage

Tornado Damage

Natural Disaster
Before Disaster Strikes

There’s nothing worse than knowing that you could have taken preventative measures, but chose not to. Making sure you have adequate insurance coverage is a service that Paladin is proud to provide. Their decades of experience in property loss and restoration will analyze your current coverage and even recommend changes in coverage if needed.


An additional service that Paladin provides is a professional inventory of property. The painful experience of cataloguing each and every item lost in a disaster is one of the most difficult steps of preparing a claim. Paladin is there to lessen the load, and fight to make sure you’re getting the most equitable settlement.

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